Our Company

Locally Owned and Operated in Houghton, MI

Our Story

Our founder, Jason Kovach, founded NorthStar Security after spending nearly a decade working in the hospitality industry. He feels that this experience allows him to provide a unique security perspective to home and business owners in Houghton, MI. Our trained staff brings more than 20 years of experience. Over the past few years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers in the Houghton, MI area solve their security problems.

Our Values


Nothing frustrates us more than when we hear about other companies burdening their customers with hidden fees and future costs. That’s why we make it a point to be honest and upfront with our customers.


When it comes to security, we understand that privacy is your biggest concern. That’s why, from the moment you call us, we look to build a relationship and earn your trust. We feel that our trustworthiness sets us apart in the security industry.


At NorthStar Security, we are loyal to our customers, and we hope that they remain loyal to us. Not only do we provide efficient installations and training, but we’re also there for you years after the fact, honoring our parts and labor warranties.

Our Community in Houghton, MI

We have worked over the past few years to become an integral part of the Houghton, MI community. That’s why we’ve worked with homeowners, business owners, tribal governments, and everyone in between. We vow never to stop working until we can ensure that residents in the area feel safe and are comfortable with their security solutions. With more than 200 installations over the past four years, it’s evident that home and business owners trust us to handle their security needs.

Our Mission

NorthStar Security was founded after our owner, Jason Kovac, spent eight years working in the hospitality industry. Our goal is to bring hospitality-level serve in the electronic surveillance industry to our customers. We know that when it comes to home or business security, trust is an integral component. That’s one of the reasons our company emphasizes customer service. Our mission is to understand your security needs and work tirelessly to solve them, beginning the minute we first meet.

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